Board Of Directors

Nezzie Wade, President
Nezzie is a founding member of AHHA and President of the AHHA Board of Directors. Learning Skills Coordinator, University Learning Center (14 years); retired Sociology Professor HSU and College of the Redwoods, past Chairperson of the Humboldt County Human Rights Commission, Secretary of the Board of Directors of RCAA, and participant in numerous other local organizations and serves on Humboldt Edge Advisory Board; a 40 year resident of Humboldt County. She has provided support as an advocate in the past six years to those experiencing homeless on the streets in Eureka. Creating community through organizing, her network of allied people and agencies creates an impressive resume for leading this AHHA Village project. Her background in teaching, working with low income, high risk populations in diverse community settings, program and project development is well suited to this task.

Winchell Dillenbeck,Treasurer
AHHA Board of Directors.
Studied Human Behavior, obtained certificates for Financial Social Worker Coach and Educator and Credit Counselor, and served as President for the Statewide Coalition for Quality Credit Counseling. He has a long history in counseling and working with educators teaching budgeting and financial literacy to individuals and families from diverse backgrounds. Winchell created Consumer Credit Counseling Service and served as the Executive Director utilizing his administrative and organizational skills. His experience in administering the Social Security Payee Program serves AHHA well. Winchell has also served on numerous non-profit boards. His experiences related to understanding mental health and substance abuse issues for people experiencing poverty and homelessness, such as stigma through criminalization, have fueled his passion for economic and social justice.

Jenna Bader, Director
Jenna is a Project Manager, Certified Energy Analyst, LEED Rater, Green Point Rated Rater and Zero Net Energy Design Consultant for Redwood Energy. Her work predominately supports Multifamily Affordable housing throughout California by providing all-electric, Zero Net Energy options that make environmentally-friendly housing affordable for Developers to build while keeping utility bills stable and low for Residents. She provides solar array sizing reports and documentation for these developments, which are used in CTCAC competitive funding and USDA funding applications. Her most notable work at Redwood Energy includes co-authoring a strategic Energy Sovereignty Master Plan to take a local Sovereign Nation off-grid in Humboldt County. Her work included auditing existing conditions of all buildings, energy modeling, providing affordable recommendations for all-electric retrofits, sizing a 12 MW solar and wind powered micro-grid and creating a picture-based ZNE Building Code. Her undergraduate experience includes 4 years of energy efficiency and water conservation outreach with the PowerSave Green Campus program and 2 years writing Sustainability-driven Building Standards at Humboldt State University where she received a B.S. in Energy and Climate Science in 2014.

Jessica Smith, Director
Jessica received her MA in Sociology from Humboldt State in 2018. She focused her thesis on food sovereignty and food justice, examining individual motivations for participating in Humboldt County’s Alternative Food Movement. She was a research assistant at the California Center for Rural Policy working on projects focused on food insecurity and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in Humboldt County. She also worked for UC Cooperative Extension conducting interviews for a multi-state, multi-year research project examining rural mother’s access to healthcare. Jessica also participates in the Humboldt Food Policy Council and is a member of the policy sub-committee, which is focusing its current efforts on food-related disaster preparedness. During her time at HSU Jessica began volunteering with the Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction. She was eventually hired to be the syringe exchange program coordinator and is now the organization’s program director. By providing direct services to people who use drugs and people experiencing homelessness, she has seen the importance and necessity of “housing first” and “housing as harm reduction” models.

Bryan Roos, Director
Bryan is currently homeless in Humboldt County and has had experience with homelessness in the past, both with and without a vehicle. He is a philosopher by nature and enjoys music, reading, writing and juggling. Over the years he has held a variety of jobs, including six years with Comcast as a dispatcher, ending with a layoff when Comcast was purchased by NBC Universal and his job was regionalized. He has worked temporary administrative jobs for Kelly Services intermittently for over twenty years, maintaining a good record. His last assignment was at LegalZoom where he earned a regular staff position in customer service for estate planning and intellectual property services. He brings to AHHA an awareness of what life is like on the streets and is working to develop the AHHA website and social media presence.