Our Mission

Our Mission

“AHHA provides information, education, advocacy and policy development for affordable housing with the homeless in Humboldt County. AHHA facilitates implementation of models and assists in operations with community groups.”


AHHA’s Guiding Principles

—Everyone has the right to Safe, Legal Shelter with Dignity and Respect
—Being “Safe, Warm and Dry First!” is a required condition, to achieve a healthy, productive life.
—The whole community benefits when everyone feels safe and respected.
—A healthy community provides opportunities for those less fortunate and shares its resources…
—The lack of affordable housing is the main cause of homelessness!
—The definition of affordable housing needs to change to reflect the needs of the houseless and unsheltered. Alternative affordable housing options give houseless people choices and creates less of an impact on Humboldt County.
—County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) could be more effectively distributed by implementing a variety of housing options proven to be successful in other areas.
—Participants in these alternative options would be more self-sufficient.

AHHA’s Goals:

—Resident and Non-profit Co-Managed Micro Housing Villages with community kitchens, gardens, restrooms/showers and micro-businesses.
—Campgrounds throughout the county, located near to services.
—Camp sanctuaries for cars, in tents, in RVs, open tent camping, and bike & ride.
—Church camping in tents, cars, RVs.
—Zoning variances to allow residential camping and micro housing on residential, city and county properties. Foreclosures and land trust opportunities.
—Rest Areas; places for legal, safe sleep, open 24/7
—Locations in County and City parks, schools, vacant buildings, and private property.
—Hygiene Stations: showers, restroom, water, waste disposal and lockers.