AHHA In the News

AHHA In the News


11-16-2019: AHHA Debuts New Mobile Shower Facility – Audio on SoundCloud from KMUD radio coverage of AHHA’s Shower Care-A-Van debut on 11-12-2019
10-16-2019: AHHA Receives Mobile Shower Station Unit – KIEM TV
10-12-2019: AHHA’s Shower Care-A-Van Has Arrived – Eureka Times-Standard
9-25-2019: Eureka Urges Residents to ‘NOT Give Money to Panhandlers’ – Eureka Times-Standard
9-9-2019: Human Rights Commission Urges Action on Homelessness – Eureka Times-Standard
8-29-2019: With Housing Element Passed, Staff Pushes Forward on Tiny Houses – North Coast Journal
8-23-2019: Benefit Show for AHHA at Siren Song in Eureka Sunday August 25th – Audio on SoundCloud from KMUD radio interview
8-20-2019: Housing Report: 70% of Unincorporated Humboldt County Residents Can’t Afford Median-Priced Houses – Eureka Times-Standard
8-20-2019: County Makes ‘Bold Choices’ to Address Affordability and Homelessness in Newly Adopted Housing Element – Lost Coast Outpost
8-5-2019: Mobile Shower Stations Rolling Into Eureka, Services Could Start in September – KIEM TV
8-3-2019: Coming soon to a community near you: Showers on wheels? – Redwood Times
7-31-2019: Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives Provides Mobile Shower – Audio on SoundCloud from KMUD radio interview
7-26-2019: The Librarian and the Cop: Struggling to Serve Eureka’s Homeless Population on the Streets and in the Stacks – Lost Coast Outpost
6-17-2019: Homeless Hygiene Stations Set to Take the Streets Soon – KIEM TV
6-14-2019: Local Nonprofit Gets Grant to Build Portable Shower Facility for Homeless Folks – Lost Coast Outpost
6-13-2019: Asked for Change, Eureka to Alter Panhandling Ordinance – Eureka Times-Standard
5-2-2019: Workers Celebrate May Day in Old Town Eureka – Eureka Times-Standard
1-11-2019: PIT Count to Determine Number of Homeless In the Community Scheduled for Jan. 23 – Eureka Times-Standard
1-3-2019: AHHA Open House to Discuss ‘Bridging Communities’ – Eureka Times-Standard


12-19-2018: Memorial Set to Honor, Remember Those Who Died on the Street in 2018 – Eureka Times-Standard
12-13-2018: The Housing Games – North Coast Journal
11-16-2018: My Word: Housing is a Human Right – Eureka Times-Standard
11-16-2018: My Word: Criminalizing Homelessness is Plainly Unconstitutional – Eureka Times-Standard
11-14-2018: My Word: County’s Shelter Access Falls Short – Eureka Times-Standard
11-14-2018: My Word: Homelessness and the Revolving Door – Eureka Times-Standard
11-13-2018: Advocates Call for Fixing Eureka’s Homelessness Policies – Eureka Times-Standard
11-13-2018: Homeless Advocates Protest In Front of the Humboldt County Courthouse – KIEM TV
11-11-2018: My Word: It’s Hunger and Homelessness Week – Eureka Times-Standard
11-8-2018: Emergency Shelters a Concern as Cold Weather Sets In – Eureka Times-Standard
10-17-2018: Local Groups Encouraging Homeless to Vote – Eureka Times-Standard
10-5-2018: Differences of Opinion on Display During Second Night of Eureka Candidate Forum – Lost Coast Outpost
10-3-2018: Eureka City Council Candidates Politely Disagree On a Number of Matters During Labor Temple Forum – Lost Coast Outpost
7-8-2018: AHHA: Addressing Homelessness With Tiny House Village – KIEM TV
6-12-2018: ‘Poor People’s Campaign’ Rallies at Courthouse – Eureka Times-Standard
6-11-2018: The Intimate Intertwining of Social Justice and Environmental Justice – KHSU Radio (Audio)
5-29-2018: Together, We Can Change the Course of an Epidemic – Eureka Times-Standard
5-19-2018: Support Housing the Homeless – Eureka Times-Standard
5-18-2018: AHHA Invites Public to Poor People’s Campaign – Eureka Times-Standard
5-10-2018: Multi-Candidate, Multi-Group Supervisor Rumble at Labor Temple Tonight – North Coast Journal
2-27-2018: A Shelter Crisis Declaration Can Provide Relief for Humboldt’s Homeless – KHSU Radio (Audio)
2-24-2018: Minding the Gap: Humboldt County’s Woeful Shelter Gap – Eureka Times-Standard
2-6-2018: Supervisors Move to Create a Standing Committee to Address Homelessness; Will Consider Declaring a Shelter Crisis Later This Month – Lost Coast Outpost
1-9-2018: HOMELESSNESS: After Years of Public Pleas to Declare a Shelter Crisis, Supes Form Committee to Consider It – Lost Coast Outpost
1-8-2018: Out In The Cold In Humboldt County – Jefferson Public Radio (Audio)
1-6-2018: Get Ready for Tiny Houses Near You – Eureka Times-Standard


12-21-2017: Humboldt County Continues to Seek Location for 24/7 Shelter – Eureka Times-Standard
12-4-2017: Coalition Seeks Site for 24/7 Winter Homeless Shelter – Eureka Times-Standard
11-30-2017: The Big Tent Approach – North Coast Journal
11-9-2017: The Impossible Possible – North Coast Journal
11-8-2017: Homeless Advocates Ask Supes to Declare Shelter Crisis – Eureka Times-Standard
11-8-2017: (VIDEO) Advocates for Homeless Housing Alternatives Pushing Board of Supervisors to Declare Shelter Crisis – Lost Coast Outpost
11-8-2017: Group Pushes For Humboldt County Supervisors to Declare Shelter Crisis – KRCR TV
11-7-2017: Homeless Advocates Urge Humboldt County Supervisors to Declare a Shelter Crisis – KIEM TV
11-6-2017: Humboldt County Residents To Petition For a Shelter Crisis Declaration – KIEM TV
11-3-2017: Advocacy Groups Seek Declaration Of Homeless Crisis In Humboldt – Jefferson Public Radio (Audio)
10-27-2017: Open Letter to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors – Eureka Times-Standard
8-18-2017: Proposed Day Center is Not the Solution to Homelessness – Eureka Times-Standard
8-9-2017: AHHA Asks City of Eureka and Humboldt County to Re-Think Homeless Policy – KIEM TV
7-18-2017: EPD Retracts Plans for Homeless Meal Voucher System – North Coast Journal
7-14-2017: Group Discusses Meeting to De-stigmatize Homeless People – Eureka Times-Standard
6-7-2017: Tiny Houses, Big Plans: AHHA Takes a Step Closer to Building Tiny House Village – KRCR TV
5-20-2017: Humboldt County Homeless Survey Scrutinized – Eureka Times-Standard
5-19-2017: No Homeless People in Southern Humboldt? – North Coast Journal
4-26-2017: A Home for the Homeless in Manila? Local Advocacy Group to Petition Community Services District for Campground, ‘Tiny House Village’ – Lost Coast Outpost
4-16-2017: Quilt Will Help Build a ‘Tiny Home’ – Eureka Times-Standard
2-25-2017: Point-In-Time Count Gathers More Volunteers – Eureka Times-Standard
2-5-2017: Student Group, AHHA Talk Homelessness – Eureka Times-Standard
1-26-2017: Abominable Omission – North Coast Journal
1-7-2017: Point in Time Count Delayed – Eureka Times-Standard


12-24-2016: Tiny House Construction Begins This Month – Eureka Times-Standard
12-23-2016: PIT Count Seeks More Volunteers – Eureka Times-Standard
11-25-2016: Three Years On, The Edge Tries to Stay Sharp – North Coast Journal
11-10-2016: Abrupt Halt – North Coast Journal
11-9-2016: Measure O Passes Without a Fight – Eureka Times-Standard
11-6-2016: ‘Fixing the Society’: Homeless Rights Activist Urges Eureka to Address Human Needs, Not Criminalize – Eureka Times-Standard
11-5-2016: Local Homeless Advocacy Group AHHA Holds Meeting to Address the Ongoing Homeless Crisis in Humboldt County – Lost Coast Outpost
11-4-2016: Eureka Temporary Sleep Camps Shut Down – Eureka Times-Standard
11-3-2016: Temporary Homeless Sleeping Area Abruptly Halted (with Video) – North Coast Journal
11-3-2016: Eureka Abruptly Ends Overnight Homeless Sleeping Program, Threatens Illegal Campers With Arrest – Lost Coast Outpost
10-29-2016: Homeless Tents Set Up in Eureka Outskirts – Eureka Times-Standard
10-23-2016: Eureka’s Temporary Homeless Sleeping Areas Here to Stay – North Coast Journal
10-18-2016: Eureka City Council to Discuss Butane Ordinance, New Homeless Sleeping Area – North Coast Journal
9-28-2016: Eureka City Council Approves Funding, New Site for Container Village – Eureka Times-Standard
9-26-2016: Eureka Council to Consider New Site Funding for Containerville at Special Meeting – North Coast Journal
9-9-2016: Houseless Behind the Redwood Curtain – CounterPunch
9-5-2016: Homelessness Solution: Tiny House Villages – Eureka Times-Standard
9-2-2016: 30-60 Campaign Houses 23 in First Three Weeks – Eureka Times-Standard
9-1-2016: Outlawing Houseless No Solution to Woes – Eureka Times-Standard
8-24-2016: Author Tackles Homeless Civil Rights – Eureka Times-Standard
8-11-2016: Community Leaders Look Toward Big-Picture Solutions for Homelessness at Housing First Summit – Lost Coast Outpost
7-14-2016: Advocates: Some Homeless Simply Can’t Work Their Way Up – Eureka Times-Standard
5-16-2016: Homeless Need Help From Entire Community – Eureka Times-Standard
5-13-2016: Many of Region’s Homeless are Certified Disabled – Eureka Times-Standard
5-12-2016: Do the Math: Eureka’s Doesn’t Add Up – Eureka Times-Standard
5-4-2016: Eureka City Council Weighs AHHA Homeless Services Proposal – Eureka Times-Standard
5-4-2016: Numbers From the Palco Marsh Cleanup – North Coast Journal
5-4-2016: City Council Votes Against AHHA Tiny Houses Proposal – KRCR TV
5-3-2016: Homeless and Evicted in Eureka – Jefferson Public Radio (Audio)
5-2-2016: Palco Marsh Exodus Begins – Lost Coast Outpost
4-30-2016: Plan to House the Homeless In Shipping Containers Taking Form – Eureka Times-Standard
4-27-2016: Eureka Receives First Homeless Proposal Through RFP Process – Eureka Times-Standard
4-26-2016: AHHA Submits Homeless Services Proposal to Eureka – Eureka Times-Standard
4-26-2016: Homelessness Activist Group Formally Submits ‘Sanctuary Camp’ Plan to House People Evicted From Palco Marsh – Lost Coast Outpost
4-25-2016: Despite Uncertainty, Homeless Container Community Project Plows Forward – North Coast Journal
4-19-2016: Human Rights Commission Calls on County Government to Somehow Stop Palco Marsh Evictions – Lost Coast Outpost
4-10-2016: Palco Marsh is Slated for Eviction – Eureka Times-Standard
4-8-2016: Learning From History (Or Not): Homeless Evicted Again – Eureka Times-Standard
4-5-2016: AHHA: Is Eureka Acting In Good Faith? – Eureka Times-Standard
4-5-2016: OP-ED: Sanctuary Camp Proponents Set the Record Straight – Lost Coast Outpost
4-2-2016: Eureka City Council Asked to Modify Shelter Crisis Declaration – Eureka Times-Standard
3-25-2016: Eureka Accepting ‘Exit Strategy’ Proposals for Palco Marsh Camps – Eureka Times-Standard
3-25-2016: City-Sanctioned Homeless Camp Moves Forward; Eureka Puts Out Request For Proposals From Potential Operators Crisis – Lost Coast Outpost
3-21-2016: HARDIN: Let’s Dump ‘Housing First’ and Declare a Housing Crisis – Lost Coast Outpost
3-18-2016: We Should All Say ‘Yes!’ to AHHA-ism, ‘No!’ to Bah-ism – Eureka Times-Standard
3-18-2016: Eureka: Marsh Campers Must be out May 2 – North Coast Journal
3-17-2016: City, Nonprofit Proponents Miles Apart on Plans for Sanctioned Homeless Camp Away From the Marsh – Lost Coast Outpost
3-17-2016: Committee Prioritizes Proposals for Public Safety Services – Eureka Times-Standard
3-11-2016: Measure Z Advisory Committee Reviews Funding Requests – Eureka Times-Standard
3-10-2016: An AHHA Moment – North Coast Journal
3-8-2016: AHHA Presents Pilot Sanctuary Camp Proposal to Public – Eureka Times-Standard
3-7-2016: City-Approved Eureka Homeless Camp Plan Gains New Steam With Mayoral Speech Last Week, Meeting This Afternoon – Lost Coast Outpost
3-7-2016: AHHA Presents Proposal for ‘Sanctuary Camps’ For Homeless – KRCR TV
3-6-2016: Homeless Advocates to Unveil Sanctuary Camp Plan – Eureka Times-Standard
3-4-2016: Mayor Jager Joins Pro-Camp Camp – North Coast Journal
2-25-2016: Three Big Takeaways From This Year’s Measure Z Funding Requests – Lost Coast Outpost
1-23-2016: Dear Editor, Eureka, and Humboldt County Residents – Eureka Times-Standard
1-19-2016: Eureka California Declares a Shelter Crisis to Address Houselessness – KZFR Radio (Audio on Youtube)
1-17-2016: Eureka Shelter Crisis Resolution Up for Review – Eureka Times-Standard
1-8-2016: Eureka City Council Butting Heads With Staff & Each Other on Homelessness – North Coast Journal
1-4-2016: City Mulls Shelter Crisis as Activists Protest Police Presence in PalCo Marsh – North Coast Journal


12-18-2015: Eureka, Humboldt County Must Declare Shelter Crisis – Eureka Times-Standard
12-18-2015: Eureka Council Asked to Declare a Shelter Crisis – Eureka Times-Standard
12-2-2015: Shake It For Solutions: A Fundraiser for AHHA – KZFR Radio (Audio on Youtube)
10-22-2015: The Pitchfork and the Mouse – North Coast Journal
9-27-2015: Big Turnout for Tiny Homes – North Coast Journal
9-26-2015: Stakeholders Discuss Concept of Tiny Village for Homeless – Eureka Times-Standard
9-25-2015: Nezzie Wade on: Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives – KZFR Radio (Audio on Youtube)
9-24-2015: Can Humboldt County Solve Addiction? – North Coast Journal
9-23-2015: Expo Explores Options for Housing for the Homeless – Eureka Times-Standard
9-17-2015: Humboldt Then and Now – North Coast Journal
9-1-2015: Rallies and Protests at Eureka City Hall, County Courthouse This Afternoon – Lost Coast Outpost
8-31-2015: Eureka City Council Prepares to Crack Down on City’s Homeless – North Coast Journal
7-16-2015: The Numbers are Out and the Jury is In – North Coast Journal
6-30-2015: Camp On, Camp Off – North Coast Journal
6-25-2015: Eureka Scraps Homeless Camp Plan – Eureka Times-Standard
6-13-2015: County Ought to Help Houseless By Declaring a Crisis – Eureka Times-Standard
5-4-2015: Letter: ‘Tiny Houses’ Wonderful Idea for Houseless – Eureka Times-Standard
4-30-2015: Services Fair Offers Alternatives to Greenbelt Campers – Eureka Times-Standard
4-30-2015: Eureka, Humboldt County Far From Heaven for Homeless – Eureka Times-Standard
4-22-2015: Eureka Eyes Sites for Homeless Camp – Eureka Times-Standard


12-29-2014: Power to the People – Redwood Times
12-25-2014: Tiny Answers – North Coast Journal
12-18-2014: Homeless Not Hopeless – North Coast Journal
12-15-2014: Eureka to Hold Special Meeting on Homelessness – North Coast Journal
11-22-2014: Letter: Homeless Problem Won’t Just Go Away: Get Involved – Eureka Times-Standard
11-17-2014: AHHA Talks Housing for the Homeless – North Coast Journal
11-16-2014: Common Ground: Creating Opportunities for Change – Eureka Times-Standard
11-6-2014: It’s time for an Opportunity Village – North Coast Journal