Less than one month after homeless were evicted from the Palco Marsh in Eureka, construction for the city’s new Waterfront Trail is underway.

Years of graffiti and artwork on concrete structures and drying kilns from the former Pacific Lumber Mill site are now piles of rubble. The mill’s old reservoir is slated to be demolished next. This is Phase A of the trail. The concrete will be crushed down to gravel size and used as a base for the future laying of asphalt. The Waterfront Trail will run from the end of Truesdale Street to the foot of Del Norte Street.

“Well we knew we needed to take those structures down as part of the Waterfront Trail. They’re a liability, they’re a hazard back there and we’ve had homeless people camping in them over the years. So the idea was to take them down but then you’ve got a lot of material there. So rather than haul it off, it made sense to crush it and use it as base for the trail,” said Greg Sparks, Eureka City Manager.

Once the concrete base is finished, a contract will go up for bid for the remaining trail construction. City staff estimates the trail could be complete by this fall.

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