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Sanctuary Camps can easily be titled Outdoor Living Centers for they create a sense of belonging and community for the residents used to living in encampments or outside who are already engaged in mutually supporting one another in healing from trauma, dislocation, and a myriad of circumstances that often result in homelessness. They facilitate each others’ successes as member of the community. For those with history living in encampments this is particularly true. AHHA believes that for those who are chronically homeless, these centers would be the most appropriate transitional setting in which to begin navigating the continuum of care and housing, a safe, legal environment affording them a familiar style of living, whether the end destination is permanent or permanent supportive housing or simply fostering the building of self and community. The Tiny House Villages represent a transitional step along the pathway to more permanent housing and continue to emphasize the building of community along with tiny houses. This building of community and housing carries through to the permanent/supportive housing models in AHHA’s continuum of housing. Safe parking programs can be stand alone programs, like all of our models/proposals, or integrated with any part of this continuum.

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